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- David Deida author of the Book The Way of the Superior man

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time to go to Sleep

When you read these dating posts on topic conversations they say "weather" is a boring topic, but how can you say that when you live in Southern California where we're pretty much spoiled by sun.

When I wake up about 11 am because I didn't sleep early last night followed by calling in sick at work so I can get more sleep I can open my door and see see how bright it is and I can feel the cool wind swooshing by me.

You know when it's really bright outside and your eyes are wide open you feel the form of all that you see, a mirror image reflected by your eyes, it's like what you see becomes a part of you eyes.

how about when you breathe in, opening you mouth wide to breathed in the swooshing air, ever think that you're breathing in life, you're taking something and putting inside of you. The same as smell.

Taste, isn't that a great sense. To know many different flavors.

To be able to hear, oh what a great feeling. They say when you talk on the phone it's like the person is whispering to you. So you have to use and adequate amount of volume so they can hear you and so they wont think you're too loud.

Touch brings you closer to people.


Yeah so the weather is nice. If I could I would bring everyone to California right now. Send the Air Planes for those who want the faster route, the train for those who want to see mountains and valleys and smell the fresh air in the morning when you step out while feeling the wind gust at you. I'll send the boats, for those of you who like the stillness of the water along with cool night. For those who like a long journey I'll send one of those wagons that goes cattle trail and give you a notebook so you can write all your adventures in.

I say "enjoy" things.

Because there is so many things to enjoy.



Liza S. said...

This makes me want to go to California! Seriously, good job on the descriptive language. I'd definitely pick the wagon!

Lester said...

thanks Liza I thought I wasn't making sense. My head was on sleep mode so I thought I was just babbling.

Circe said...

No... that made perfect sense. You're right; weather isn't a boring topic at all. As soon as you really start to notice and feel all the variations there are on "a beautiful summer day" the diversity is incredible.

And I think I'll go by wagon train down to the ocean, then take a boat the rest of the way. Sounds glorious.